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2nd Grade

Little Red Hen: Fluency Practice

Fluency Practice

Students need to set a timer for 1 minute.  Read (NOT speed read) for 1 minute their Read and Understand Wednesday night homework.  This should be a "cold read".  (Never read before). Put a line after the last word that was read.  Continue reading until the end of the story (Read and Understand). Count the words that were read in 1 minute and record on contract.  Click on the recording below.  Read along with a teacher.  Keeping the correct pacing.

Math Homework Help

Below is a link with videos and homework help for our math program.



Welcome to 2nd Grade!

We are working on helping students be responsible for their own belongings.  Homework is the student's responsibility. Your child needs to make sure they have everything they need before school and before leaving for home.  Please help us with this task. 

Silver Creek Sportplex Field Trip

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SPORTSPLEX! In order for your child to attend our field trip at Silver Creek Sportsplex in January, you must register him/her online and accept the waiver. Please go to the website www.gotoplex.com, then click on “Waivers” link at the bottom of the page and follow the steps for registering and accepting the waiver for your child or you may click HERE to go directly to the waiver page.  Once you have signed the waiver for your child, please take a screenshot of your page with your child's name.  Print that out and send it in. NO money required at this time.