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The Talent Show is coming, the Talent Show is coming!

Get cracking’ on your audition acts for a chance to participate in this year’s Show. Download information and registration form below.
★  Registration Starts: October 24th

★  Registration Ends:  October 31stTalent Show Classic.jpg

★  Auditions:  Thurs & Fri, November 6th & 7th after school

★  First Rehearsals: Mon & Tues, Nov. 17th & 18th after school

★  Final Rehearsal: Tues, December 2nd after school

★  Talent Show: Thurs, December 4th 6:30pm; doors open at 6pm


Posted by: EV Webmaster
Published: 10/20/14

Volunteer Recognition

school_community_word_cloud.jpgVolunteers are the backbone of any PTA Program. We at Evergreen PTA appreciate this fact and are ever thankful for the support you, our parent community, have always provided. We recently introduced the Volunteer Recognition Program to highlight efforts of parent volunteers who you think have made a significant contribution at our school. Primarily, this program is intended to increase awareness of the importance of parental involvement in school education. Research shows that parent engagement in education improves students' success in school, across all socioeconomic groups.

Download a nomination form below and drop off completed forms in the school office.  Feel free to nominate as many volunteers as you like, in as many categories as applicable. However, only one volunteer gets randomly picked in a draw at every PTA meeting.  The parent volunteer to get randomly picked at this drawing will be featured in a Volunteer Spotlight section in school & PTA publications.

Posted by: EV Webmaster
Published: 10/16/14

Round Table Dinner Out

RoundTableLogo.pngJoin us for Family Dinner Out to help raise funds for Evergreen PTA
while giving yourself a break from the kitchen!
Round Table Pizza at 3212 South While Road (near Aborn)
Thursday, November 6th, 11:45-8pm
Bring the Friday Folder event flyer or download one below.

Posted by: EV Webmaster
Published: 10/16/14

Halloween Guidelines

Students are encouraged, but not required to dress up for the parade. The following guidelines should be followed when choosing a Halloween costume:

Halloween costumes must be appropriate for an elementary school student. In other words, no gory costumes.

NO weapons

NO fake blood

NO face make-up

NO hair color

NO props

NO masks either regular masks or gory masks

Parents and families are welcome to view the parade behind the boundaries.  Costumes should be large enough to be worn over their regular clothes. Students are not allowed to wear their costumes to school.

If taking pictures of your child, please remember the photo policy of Evergreen School. Other important grade level information is given to families in the weeks leading up to the parade.


Posted by: EV Webmaster
Published: 9/21/14

Student Safety - Please Read

     The safety of your child is a top priority for the staff of Evergreen School. We, the staff at Evergreen School, urge you to make safety of your child and other children a top priority as well.  Please do not drop your child off at school prior to 8:15am.  Student supervision does not begin until 8:15am.  Work and personal time commitments are important, but more important is the safety of your child.    

     When crossing a street, children as well as adults need to use the crosswalks.  Although it may not be the most convenient or the fastest way to get to and from campus, it is the safest way to travel. 

     When driving, make sure you yield the right of way to pedestrians and obey all the rules of the road and signs including the “No Stopping Anytime” signs posted around the perimeter of the campus.

     There are a lot of students arriving to school in a relatively short window of time.  If it is necessary for you to drive your child to school in the morning, instead of walking, try your very best to pull up as far as you can in the drop off line.  Your child does not need to be dropped off in front of the entrance gate.  They can walk a short distance so we can accommodate more cars that are dropping off.  Before pulling away, make sure the car door is closed.

     If you are walking to school, the parking lot should not be used as a short cut to get to campus.  This causes back up for the parents driving students to school to drop off.  Please use the sidewalks to enter and leave campus when walking.

      Arriving on time is an important life skill we would like to instill in each of the students.  Allowing your child and yourself enough travel time will help learning this very important life skill.  Make adjustments in your morning routine to guarantee a safe and relaxed arrival at school.  Your child is expected to be in their classroom line or in their classroom seat at 8:30am sharp, and not running to “beat the bell.”

     By working together and making the safety of our Evergreen students a top priority, we can ensure our students get to and from school in a safe manner without incident.  The staff of Evergreen School appreciates your support.

Posted by: EV Webmaster
Published: 8/11/13

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Today: 10/24/14

Important Dates

August 20 - School Begins!!!

September 4 - Back to School Night

  • 6:00-6:30 Principal's Welcome
  • 6:30-7:00 Primary Classes
  • 7:00-7:30 Upper

September 19 - Picture Day

September 25 - Inservice Day - No Students


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8:25 - Freeze Bell

8:30 - Tardy Bell

9:45 - Primary Recess

10:25 - Upper Recess

11:30 - Primary Lunch (11:15 Thursdays)

12:25 - Upper Lunch (11:55 Thursdays)

1:20 Primary Recess

2:33 - Primary Dismissal

2:35 - Upper Dismissal

*1:00 Dismissal on Thursdays

AM Kindergarten 8:30-11:50

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